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d44 front axle seals

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did a search didnt find any info . do you have to pull the carrier.? and i read some where about the locker pin? could fall out.. any pics or write up im missing? thanks
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Yes, you will need to pull the carrier and you will need to buy or build a press to install the new seals.
Never had a pin fall out. Just make sure you mark or place your bolts and bearing caps in a way that they get put back in the same way they came out. Also make sure that you collect the shims and place them back the exact way they came out.
It's pretty straight forward.
Remove the wheels, brakes and axle shafts.
Drain the fluid.
Remove the cover.
Disconnect the locker hose.
Remove the 4 bearing cap bolts.
Remove the bearing cap. (the right one will stay until the carrier assembly is removed)
Place something to catch the carrier assembly (I used a small card board box)
If you have a spreader use it to spread the case (I didn't)
Remove the carrier assembly (I used a pry bar) (this is one of the more difficult things depending on how tight it is in there)
Remove the seals.
Clean the axle tubes.
Install the seals using the press.
Reverse the process making sure the shims go back in the same order they came out.
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thanks thought so . ive done older styles . not with an air locker and 20 year old models.
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