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Cyber Monday Sale

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The title says it all!!!!!!! This will apply to Skinny Pedal Products items only, no other manufacturers. You'll have to check out the site Monday to see the deals.
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HUMMMMMMMMM what do I need!!!!!!???????????????????
Ummmmm, what would be a good teaser, Josh? Cyber Monday Sale! All Original Skinny Pedal product supporters with ROF memberships get 90% off and free shipping? I wish!

Just keep yourself afloat, Bud!
Cyber Monday Sale Today 12pm - 8pm eastern
Lights and winch controls ordered. Thanks Skinny.
Wish I needed something..these were great deals!
I just wanted to thank everyone for the VERY successful Cyber Monday Sale!!!!
Thank You!!!!!!
Anything to help out a fellow ROF member. :)
The HIDs arrived and were installed lastnight. Thanks for the sale!
No problem...... Can you see now?? :D
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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