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Cool Tech Tow Harness

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Anybody running this kit or had dealings with this company? For $100 bucks, don't seem like a bad design! ... _kit.shtml
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Have not seen it before, but it seems like a good idea.
wish I would have known about this before I mickey moused some bulb brackets and stuck them inside the rear tail lights and strung trailer wire to the front. mine work fine and cost me about $15.00 or less to build, but I probably would have considered their set up with the nice connectors.
It's defiantly a nice setup..Stand alone, don't have to splice into any factory wires! I'm getting another Jeep for me of course and also my parents to have a tow vehicle while I'm gone working. I'm pretty sure I'm going with this system when I find the right Rubi!
I have the kit for the JK. It works as advertised. I have not had any problems with mine yet. Just plug into the wirering harness. No extra bulbs.
Thanks for the input!
Cool Tech sell some great stuff. I don't have this, but use other products they carry and they are really nice.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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