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CO2 tank

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I have a nitrous 10lbs tank in my basement that has not been used in about 3 years. I was wanting to try to make it into a CO2 tank but was not sure if it would work?
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Personally I don't see why not. But that would bepend on your gas supplier, the bottle stamp/certification, and maybe a few things that I am not aware of... (laws/regulations on those peices.) Putting that asside for a second... does it have a regulator? If not you may have to get one. They come in either an adjustable version or a fixed output version. As far as questions on the bottle and rather or not you can use it for that... if in your shoes, I would take it to the place I would have it filled at and ask them.
I would have to get a regulator, I think I might run into problems getting it filled with Co2. Might just buy a Co2 and sell the nitrous bottle.
Skinny Pedal I think has some good deals on some kits.

I have asked my guy before about filling mine with nitrous before and he told me that with the bottle I have (like Skinny sells) it isn't a big deal as long as the regulator could handle it. There have been in the past several different threads on here about CO2 and nitrous and different setups. Might check them out if your thinking of buying a setup.
I'd sell the nitrous bottle to a local drag racer and buy a complete CO2 setup from David at Northridge.
Just checked the tank out a little closer. It is a Nitrous Express tank and it is marked CO2. So I just need to get a regulator and hose and should be good to go.
You might need a hydrostatic test on that tank before they will fill. I think SCUBA tanks are every 5 years.
Already had the tank checked. Also purchased a used PowerTank on Ebay with 200psi High Flow Regulator, handle, and tank boot for a good price, so I now have a extra 10lb bottle.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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