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Cj Grill with lights

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Im checking to see what interest there is on this at the moment. Ill post some pics over the weekend. I bought this with the intentions of wiring it up to hang on the wall in the garage. But its been sitting here for 3 years and I have not done anything except paint it. :D

So I have a 1981??? I will check the label tonight to verify the year. Jeep cj grill. I do have the headlights and turn signals. However 2 of them are cracked and I am unsure if any of them work. I had it painted CAT yellow. The original manufaacturers label is still attached to the top of the grill. There wasn't any rust on it before it was painted. I also did no patch work.

Im not sure what im looking to get right now. Ill do some research and post price this weekend unless someone wants to give an offer. The item is located just east of Pittsburgh. I do travel to the Harrisburg area monthly. im looking for someone to pick it up, but if it must be shipped then BUYER PAYS ALL SHIPPING CHARGES.
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How about $50 for everything plus shipping???



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