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China Wall, Colorado 12 December 2010

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Having just finished installing the new lift on the jeep, it was decided that a shake out run had to be done. So Friday night was wasted over many beers and countless hours of trying to decide where to go, China Wall was selected. Easy enough trail with obstacles to test the flex.

At the trail head of 212 (not 212A) JK on the left is mine. TJ on right is my Spotter with his son.

Scenic view

First little rock we came across

Next little obstacle we found. (Stayed on 212)

I assume this is the rock garden that is talked about on

On down the trail towards the dead end by the green house.

We continued to the turn around point. Off to the right there is a nice rock climb that is maybe 8 feet tall. You can see it on the site where all the people are standing on top of it. We both made it up it no issues. We turned around and followed 212 back to the fork of 212 and 204. Took 204 back to 77 and headed home. Nothing much to talk about on 204. Just some tight areas that in snow would be fun.

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Nice. Now that you have completed the shake down run it's time to hit Chinaman Gulch :D
Yeah thought about that as this trail is only about 30 miles or so from Chinaman. I have run that trail before but not with the JK. If the weather keeps acting this way next weekend might be a Chinaman run.
I can't believe I'm not seeing snow in those pics... we're so buried in it, I imagine it's everywhere! :laugh:

Thanks for sharing the trail pics with us. Looks like a fun, lazy day.
Dale, That's why I asked about the snow up there the other day. It was a topic of dicussion on the news today. Officially Denver has only had 1.5" so far this season. I've only had about 3.5". It suppose to be record high temps the next few days and might hit 70 degrees on Tues. Morning temps are running about the same as back home in FL.

Warrrubi, we may be down there next Sat. I have a white Rubi and there will be an XJ along with a couple of Yota's.
mikel, It seems we're getting snow every day now... it's been gloomy most of this past week. We need some sunshine.

I can't believe snow isn't hitting the front range in some form. We're getting lots of wind too, throwing long snow drifts over the roads. I'm glad for blizzaks!
I am rather disappointed in the lack of snow. With this weeks weather to be record highs the wife and I are gonna play some golf. As for this weekend, I am free for some wheeling.
warrubi said:
As for this weekend, I am free for some wheeling.
If my jeep had wheels on it :)laugh:), I'd see if I could squeeze it into my calendar... if you go, post up more pics!
Sweet talking the wife into wheeling this weekend. Once I get the ok I will post in proper section.
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