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Chili Challenge - Las Cruces, NM Feb 23-26, 2011

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We're going to sign up for the Chili Challenge and were planning on signing up for the moderate trails. Has anybody done any of these trails? The hard ones look like a little too much for my driving experience, but I think the moderate ones would be fine - not too easy but a doable challenge.
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i just ran them all with the exception of Patzcuaro's Revenge we ran out of time and only made it half way through
you could run every one of those trails in your link with the exception of the above mentioned and have a great time. trust me your rig will do more than you think
there are a few bypasses and if you don't feel comfortable just pull line. (actually some of the extreme trails weren't that bad at all)
my advice push your limits and have fun
I did a trip report here if it helps
any other questions pm me i'll try to help you out
Thanks - that's a helpful trip report - looks like I should skip the easy Hopping Jalapeno and substitute a hard trail (or two.) Looks like you are set up for some serious crawling!

We've been to Las Cruces several times and never went off-road there.
you could easily run all these with some good spotting
Broad Canyon Hard
Amatista Ledges
Cayenne Crawler
Habanero Falls
Off Broadway
Rocotillo Rapids
Thanks! Registration/check is going in the mail today.
Im interested in wheeling there sometime in the next year. Please post up a trip report with pics!
Will do! I've looked at many other trail reports and it will be fun doing one. Want to shoot some video as well.
Might also check out the forum... there might be some trip reports or pics, or trail ratings and such.
Doug - thanks.. they had some trail descriptions which helped me not choose Dona Ana Mountain - they described some off-camber parts. I hate being off-camber on a mountain or a shelf road :roll: .

For the runs, I chose:

Amatista Ledges (1st choice - Wed, Moderate)
Hopping Jalapeno (1st choice - Thurs, Moderate)
Off Broadway (1st choice - Fri, Hard)
Cayenne Crawler (1st choice - Sat, Hard)

murphy talked me out of my comfort zone and I'll try a couple of hard trails. This should be a really good learning experience in preparation for the two Jamborees we are doing (Texas Spur - Llano and Palo Duro), and then more Jeepin' this summer in Utah and Colorado.
My brother frequents that forum since he lives in ABQ. I don't know if he ran any trails there last year, but he was involved with the event in some form or fashion. Sounds like he will do the same this year.
Hey guys,
I will be leading or tail gunning, or be on the trail in some fashion in this
Broad canyon hard
Hopping jalapeño
Cayenne crawler
Upper broad

I think this is what I signed up for in this order. Point is if u have some questions, let
Me know. I will try to answer questions u might have about trails or las cruces.

Look forward to seeing u on the trail.
Hey Mr. Big - we recently received confirmation of our registration and we did get all of our trail choices in the order we wanted. We'll be doing Hopping jalapeño when you're working that trail. Be good to us :cheesy: .

We've been to Las Cruces several times in the motorhome but never stayed at the fairgrounds - that will be a new experience.
Fairgrounds is good a place as any to stay. See you there, Billy.
Headed that way!

Left home this morning (61 degrees) headed to Las Cruces for the CC. We're going to spend a couple of nights at Balmorhea State Park in SW Texas (~90 degrees), then on to Las Cruces. Haven't had even one opportunity to wheel the Rubi, so the Chili Challenge should be interesting.


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That is one awesome setup! Have a great time at Chili Challenge.
Re: Headed that way!

johncanfield said:
Left home this morning (61 degrees) headed to Las Cruces for the CC. We're going to spend a couple of nights at Balmorhea State Park in SW Texas (~90 degrees), then on to Las Cruces. Haven't had even one opportunity to wheel the Rubi, so the Chili Challenge should be interesting.
Amatista and Hoppin' Jalapeno are great ice-breakers for you. Not too tough, but plenty of fun. Off-broadway is a blast and offers some great variety. You'll love the "play area". The trail has some difficult sections, but if you carefully watch the lines taken by those ahead of you, and never hurry, your rig will have no issues.
Cayenne Crawler will be a good test for you. You will come down a canyon, one over from the Hoppin' Jalapeno, and it will take forever. Several good challenges with drops and off camber ledges. When you hit the bottom of the canyon, you'll most likely break for lunch and let the Xtreme guys on Patzcuaro's Revenge pass by. Then it is a short, narrow and steep climb out. Take your time, stay cool, and very carefully watch the jeeps in front of you to pick your line. Listen to your spotters. Some spots and directions will seem wrong, but they aren't. Depending on your tire type and size, you'll need to air down to about 15 psi for the descents. However for the trail section of Off-Broadway and the climb-out on the C. Crawler, you may want to go as low as 10 to 11 psi. Obviously, with low tire pressure, go slow and try not to hit anything hard.

You are guaranteed to enjoy the U no what out of yourself.
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Phew - I'm glad I chose a couple of trails that will be a good intro for wheeling the Rubi (and fun)! Off-camber? I HATE off-camber! :eek:

We have 33" tires and I'll air down to about 10 or 12 psi - that seems to be a good number for the tires and the stock Rubi wheels. I have OBA, so airing down/up won't be an issue.

Thanks for the advice - very much appreciated! We're looking forward to getting the blue beast out on the trails like she was designed for.
The off-camber stuff is kind of mild. In any case, you will be shocked at how stable your Rubicon is on the off-camber stuff. On Cayenne Crawler about three years ago we had several Toyota Land Cruisers and one FJ Cruiser go on their sides. Haven't seen any jeeps do that!
We're here, registered, inspected (do you have a first aid kit and fire extinguisher?), and washed off. It was a free-for-all finding a camping spot - I had my doubts that we would find a space for our 40' that had electric and water, but we did. Apparently the old-timers know to arrive a day or two earlier to get their pick of spots.

Looks like our LJ with 33" tires will be one of the runts around here :) Heard several Wranglers that had been up-engined to V8s - love that sound!


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Please post up any pics of the event! I wish I could have gone but my jeep needed some maintenance and didn't get to it in time..
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