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butt wiggle

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I have an 06 with 3.5" RE SF , 33x15 on 15x10. When traveling at any speed above about 35mph when I let off the gas my back end wiggles. At slower speeds I can feel the torque release. When I have passengers or weight in the back the wiggle is more servere. I have been under the jeep and visually checked everything and nothing appears to be broke. Any ideas?
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Do you have the right wheels? Are they centered on the hub?
Check your track bar bushings. And from what I hear, those RE bushings can get loose as well.
I would start by checking the tire pressure. Is the back lower than the front?
Tire pressure, tire balance. Bushings. Loose bolts. Visual probably isn't going to cut it. Alignment.
X2 on the rear trac bar, either bushing or bracket. the wider wheels just amplify the issue
I'm inclined to say the rear track bar also. But I am also going to recomend you double check the upper and lower rear control arms, specifically their length. If they are not at a uniform length side to side then your axle can be in a bind.
Im good on the tire and wheel side, I will take a closer look at the track bar and control arms and let you know, thanks
Have someone jump on the bumper while you watch the components.

Guesses from others are worthless.

Learning to diagnose your own suspension is priceless.
Out of round rear tires
Worn out shocks
Weights missing on the rear wheels
bent wheel
On top of what bnine said, lay under your jeep and have someone rock the rear of the jeep , maybe you'll see whats loose.
I had some wiggle when I disconnected my rear sway bar. Reconnecting fixed it.
Check your control arms and bushings. Mine did the same thing found the lower control arms were loose.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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