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I broke the plastic nipple off my front TJ air locker pump a while ago. I put a "Y" vacuum splitter and had the rear pump doing double duty, which worked well, but I figured it was time to do a proper fix. After finding out how expensive those stupid little pumps are, and realizing that my pump actually worked, just the plastic nipple broke off... I decided to figure out a way to make mine work.

I took a die grinder and ground what was left of the plastic nipple to a nice flat face.

Then I cut the correct size vacuum line splice connector in half.

I slid the half splice over a long punch then put the punch into what was left of the broken nipple.

JB weld to the rescue! Works great and saved me at least 150 bucks!


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Love me some JB Weld. I first started using it back in the mid-70's. I was a hay farmer. I ram New Holland wind rowers. They had a 14' swather head which used a left and right side 7" sickle bar. These were operated by 2 wobble head drives which rotated a 1 1/2" shaft back and forth slightly faster than warp speed. Down close to the cutting bar was a 1 1/2" locking bearing to hold the shaft. This was a failure point. The lock would not hold and the shaft would wear quickly. Then you got to buy new shafts and bearings. Not cheap. As soon and any play started I'd disassemble them and JB the bearing to the shaft. As long as the bearing got greased it would outlive the stock setup 3-1.
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