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Block Heater on 08 Rubi

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I live in fridged North West part of Minnesota (60miles) from Canada border and I was wondering if its possible to put a engine block heater on my 08 Rubicon? Old man winter thought -20 outside and windchill its -45 degrees outside its fun for people to live, drive, and fish on 10,000 frozen lakes up here. I have a remote start with a low temp setting but its killing me on my gas so thats why I am looking at a block heater for my Jeep.

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There are aftermarket block heaters that'll fit nearly any application. I was looking at them when I was JK shopping, but ended up finding a JK with the block heater already installed. A quick google search should find you what you need.....good luck up there in Minnesota!
It is a factory option so you can buy one from a dealer or whole sale supplier. There are a few discount sites where you can beat your local dealer price. That way you know it will fit. Also it is a great idea to add a heated battery blanket. Other use a heating pad under their battery and a blanket around it. I have spent time in the interior of Alaska and we also use the heating pads on the oil pan and trans fluid pan (if it is an auto).

In those themps add all the heat you can and your jeep will love you for it.
x 2 ... I have one from the factory, works like a charm. talk to dealer or go aftermarket.
I'm about 3 hours north from you, so we basically get the same weather. cheers
Random factoid of the day, wind chill does not affect the vehicle or its components.

here is the kit you would need.
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