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Best path for wiring through the firewall?

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I'll be adding a CB and ham radio to the Rubie soon and I always run 2-way radio wiring directly to the battery. In looking around the firewall, I didn't see any obvious/easy route for wiring and was hoping I could leverage from others experiences. Ideas? TIA!
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There is a plug that most people use for running wires that is on the driver's side, about where the tip of your right foot would be if it is on the gas pedal.

I did a write-up when I redid my CB install and made a new hole for the sole purpose of getting the wires in and out of the engine bay as quickly as possible to limit RF issues.
I've used the factory one near the pedal, as well as making my own right near the fuse box/glove compartment.
Ah-so - thanks Eric and Don!
On the driver side there is a rubber gasket thar comes out of the firewall near the ABS tray. All I did was poke a hole in the rubber with a screwdriver and pass the wire through. I found it easier form the engine side. On the passenger side I have found a place that comes in behind the fuse box. i did install a painless 7 fuse block under the speaker on the passenger side.
Thanks amigo!!
On the driver side I run a couple of wires and the handle throttle cable out through the rubber gromet as mentioned.

On the passenger side, I like to run thick battery cables for power through a hole I drilled which comes out close to the battery. I always run my cables through plastic looms and wrap them with rubber tape (not just electrical tape). I also seal the hole and the wires with silicone caulk.
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I drilled a hole near the battery and put a grommet through it. I ran 4 gauge wire through it for my stereo as well as smaller wire for other items. 8 gauge for the inverter, wires for the speedo calibrator etc.
I don't like having to run additional wire across and vehicle then back. A direct route is always better for electrical connections.
If you drill your own hole the trick is to make sure that you use a grommet. They'll provide the best protection against the sheet metal cutting thru plastic loom or rubber tape.
Yup - roger on the grommet!
I put a hole on the driver's side above the previously mentioned rubber gasket. I drilled out a valve stem and used it as a grommet. Once I ran the wires through it, I could use the stem as a starting point for wrapping the wires with electrical or rescue tape.
Left over hose makes a great grommet as well, that's what I usually use since I always have some around.
The push in donut type rubber grommets with the valley around the outer edge are what I'm referring to. They're used a lot in A/C work where wires pass thru metal cabinet walls.
Any pics of where you placed the hole? Both interior and engine compartment views?

A thread from the dead! :smile2:
I drilled a hole on the firewall in the foot-well area as close to the dash area (glovebox) as possible. Don't have any pictures but it's not difficult to find an area with access from the inside and on the engine side of the firewall.
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If you have an automatic, you can use the area that the clutch pedal would go through. It a plastic plate and there is a kit that has a grommet designed for this (wiring), I purchased the kit from Quadtrac or amazon.
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