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Battery Help

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I have a Raymarine Ray101 handheld radio that takes 6 AA NIMH 1.2V 1300mah batteries. The batteries stay in the unit when placed on a dock charger. It is time for new batteries and all I can find are 2300mah or greater batteries. Will these be ok? Will the base charger recognize there is a greater current capacity or just charge to 1300mah. Any forseeable issues? Thanks. Chad
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The higher capacity batteries will work fine. However the existing charger is designed for the older batteries and will take longer to charge the new batteries to their higher capacity, because of the built-in current regulation. But because of that higher battery capacity, you get extended use of the radio with less frequent charging.
Thanks for the help....Chad
You can find the same AA NIMH batteries in a variety of capacities. I have 1700, 2000 and 2500 energizer ones for various uses. You can change the capacity, BUT DO NOT USE NICD ON A NIMH CHARGER AND VICE VERSA. If you do you will run into trouble.

Most battery chargers do not know the capacity of the battery since they change over time. the charger measures how the battery is accepting a charge and when it slows down taking a charge or reaches a given voltage the charger thinks the battery is full and stops. Whether this happens after 1000 or 5000 MAH it does not matter. The thing you will see is longer recharge time (twice as long) and longer use time (twice as long).
The only other caution is make sure you do not mix different capacity cells or mix new/old cells in the same device. It is better and safer to have all matching cells of the same age.
I agree 100%, besides if one battery went the other is not far behind.
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