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Axle loc bypass switch

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I just got back into a Rubicon yesterday. I bought the "Call of Duty - Black Ops" edition. My son (12 year old) and I love to play together. I had an original 2003 Rubicon. When I bought it, there was the procedure to purchase a switch to bypass the requirement to be in 4L in order to engage the lockers. (still had to be traveling at 10 mph or lower but it allowed the lockers to be used realisticly)

What is the procedure for the JK platform?? Does anybody have the step by step with pictures??

Thanks in advance...

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I have step by step with pictures in a word document.
pm your email ....I'd be happy to send it.
They've made a Call of Duty Rubicon? Pics please! :)
kidmugg said:
They've made a Call of Duty Rubicon? Pics please! :)
X2 -my boy likes that game. What's the Jeep look like, what's included with the package? Sounds cool!

Best of Luck,


The Black Ops Jeep Wrangler comes with exclusive mineral gray alloy wheels, as well as some exclusive badging, aside from that though it’s really not that much different from a standard Wrangler Rubicon. The key here for Chrysler is not to sell Jeeps to their key audiences, in as much as it’s there to plant the seeds in the heads of future buyers. Pricing is set at $30,625 for the two-door model and $33,500 for Unlimited models.
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