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April 21-24th - Harlan, KY/Black Mountain Offroad Park

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I know this is pretty far away, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up so we can all plan for it!

We aren't 100% sure of exact plans yet, but wheeling either 2 or 3 days somewhere in that timeframe. Not sure yet on what day we will arrive and leave, but we will see what works best for everyone. So far it is just me and my fiance in our Rubi and T_A_T_O (Juan) and his gf with his trailered Isuzu PUP, but we would love it if everyone who came last time also attended, and more!

We will probably stay at the Holiday Inn Express. Hope some of you can make it, it was a blast last time! We can't wait to wheel more of those crazy trails!
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From my experience, the more lead time the better the turn out.

It seems these last few years it has become nearly impossible to get out and do anything without at least 3 months notice.

Hope you all have a good turn out.
I,m in, not sure about that date yet either but I,m sure ready for more of that. My pass is still good to...
I will try to attend. My better half (wife version 4.0) got some bad news today so, it all depends on our battle with the big "C". I hope that we will both be there.
Say it ain't so if that big c is what I think.

My prayers go out to you both.
Our prayers go out to you also, Reed. Good luck.
Okies said:
Say it ain't so if that big c is what I think.

My prayers go out to you both.
jfandem said:
Our prayers go out to you also, Reed. Good luck.
Thanks, guys!! It is the Pink Ribbon variety. Merely suspected on Monday, confirmed on Wednesday. These guys and gals are moving fast to get started with counteracting it. Top notch people around here.
Maybe I can swing this one, depends on what I have done to the heep. Clayton parts go on possibly on Sunday, so that will be a relief.

My thoughts are with you and your family. The c has been making a rough time for every woman on my mother's side of the family, I have one Aunt who has been fighting it for 10 years or so. It goes away, and it comes back, rinse and repeat, but she is still here with us, and has been fighting a good fight. Many strides have been made, so keep your wives chin up, the better she feels, the better things will be.
might be able to make it. Its only a few hours away.
Thanks again!

The cast of characters is increasing. :laugh: Maybe, they will even have maps printed up this time. It was frustrating to locate an obstacle and then discover it was one way. Once we found the entrance, we discovered why. I wouldn't want to meet anyone on that last one, I was on. :rotflmao:
I put it on my calendar... We'll see. I didn't make it out to one this year. Maybe 2011 will be nicer to me and my Jeep.
keep informed sounds good!!! got several others that would prolly be interested also
Would love to join you guys, but unfortunately I don't think I will be ready by then. If you have any trips later in the year, please post them as well.

Have fun!

I am putting this down on my calendar. I really want to get down there and check it out and its a great time to meet some members. Plus it gives me a dead line to get somethings wrapped up on the Jeep.
Getting excited for this trip! Gonna be a good time for sure. I think we have decided the exact and my wife will be driving there thursday 21st, and staying at holiday inn express (getting in late at night probably). Then Juan (T_A_T_O) will be getting there around noon friday, so we will do afternoon wheeling friday, then wheel all of sat and sun 23 and 24th. I will keep everyone updated.
Anyone who's going can pm me for my and my wife might be heading out of Orlando on Friday instead and wheel sat/sun. Let me know who's coming!
I'm out, no jeep till I fix it.
You guys have fun and don't break nothin I'm chained to the time clock this week
Was this a "fail"? Been a little tied up with my boss to keep track. The good news is that she is still with me and asking the doctors when she can shotgun again.
Well, we went, and had a good time, but a few 'fail' moments haha!

On Rail Bed (which is a nice section/obstacle, loved it) Juan popped a tire bead in front of me at the last climb, and I bent a tie rod. Well, that led to some bad things lol. Had a group come up on us during this mishap, so we were kinda trying to get out of their way. As I was trying to get over a large rock before the end of the trail, my stock tie rod buckled and bent straight up almost in the middle. It also bent the steering stabilizer in half lol. Both tires toe'd in completely. Juans tire bead popped right before this, but he managed to still pull me up out of the trail. As I was being pulled up and over the end of this climb, the bent tie rod shoved the trans cooler line into the fan, cutting a hole in it immediately, and spraying HOT trans fluid directly onto the exhaust. It ignited instantly and caused a pretty big fire...everyone started yelling "FIRE!!!!" and told me and the wife to get out...was scary! As I got away from the jeep I look down and see the flames right in front of the oil pan, and member in that other group thankfully had a fire extinguisher and ran and put it out quicker than ever. I was so lucky and it went out quick and did no damage to my poor jeep!

Along with some help from friends, we were able to straighten the stock tie rod out, remove the stabilizer, and rig up a trail fix for the trans line! Luckily it didnt break at the radiator. Another day of wheeling and a 15 hour drive home and it held up!

My rear locker line also came off at the top of the rear diff on the second day, so I gotta fix that too. Other than that, the jeep did amazing! I still can't wait to go back there again. It was way wetter this time, and that of course upped the difficultly level.

We will post pics soon! Hope to see you guys out there next time!
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