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anybody running 235/85r16's?

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Anyone running 235/85r16's ?

just wondering. will be lifting the stock rubicon soon and going with a 255/85r16 but just checking about the 235's
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I ran that size on the old Willys truck. Great tire. It's about a 32" or so and worked well.

I LOVE the 255/85/16 on my Rubi however. It's a Great tire for all-around DD use, mileage, performance and WHEELING use. Works great everywhere. I'll be on my second set here as soon as they arrive-new Toyo MT's in that size, and on the trailer build too.

Best of Luck,

I thought about those tires when I got my 265s and didnt go that route because of how ppl were saying they are skinny for stock moabs.
So i went 265s with no rubbing issues what so ever. I did put 3/4inch spacers to get a better look.
I am currently running the 235/85R16's. I have the Goodyear DuraTracs and love them. I am running a 1.25"/1" bl/mml on my LJ Rubi and get minimal rubbing on the sway bar drivers side. I will be putting washers at the steering stops to fix that. I'm not getting any other rubbing.

Something to think about is the 235/85"s are an E rated tire, that is the only rating I could find in this size. That did not bother me as I liked how the e rated MTR's rode, just did not like the noise they made. For what small amount of rock crawling I have done, the DuraTracs have worked very well. They also have performed well in rain and snow. I am running 35 PSI in my tires for the road and air down to 15-20 PSi depending on terrain for offroad.

I am very pleased with my tire choice at this time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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