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Another tire question.

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Alright guys it's almost tax season which means I finally can get new tires. Yay. Ok to my question I have an 04 with a 4" fabtech shortarm that was on it when I bought it. I want to run 35's and if I can get wider then a 12.5 that would be awesome. I think I'm gonna go with 17 " wheels cause there are so many more tire choices plus I think the tires will be a little cheaper that way. What am I gonna have to do to make this work I am getting a mud terrain b/c this is a weekend driver and I do wheel it quite a bit. I don't know what backspace I need and I'm not sure if I will have to put on spring spacers or not thanks for the help.
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3.75" backspacing works well. I run 33x12.50s with 3.75" B/S.

3.75 seems to be a popular choice - for the most part, you shouldn't need to diddle with steering stops.

You could go different backspacing and run spacers. It's all a matter of choice.

Someone with 35s currently, will hopefully have more insight on this particular topic.
You should be ok for 35's...maybe a small body lift to clear the fenders. 3.25 backspacing should be fine.

The thought process on going to a 17" tire being cheaper is just going to surprise you. In fact, it will go up quite a bit. Going from 15" to a 17" rim was huge in price for me. You are right however getting more of a tire selection with the 17's. That is why I went to 17's.

What kind of tires are you looking at?
That is right...3.75" of backspacing should work for you.
Yeah I am looking at apose to a 16 inch wheel that I have now it seems like tires or more expensive for a 16 then a 17 I guess cause they make more I'm that size.
Yeah 17" tires are lot more than 15". You can get 3.75 back space for 15" wheels but I think you'll find that 17" wheels are 4 or 4.25" back space. Going bigger than 12.5" wide tires with 4" or over backspace will probably rub on the anti-sway bar pretty bad. I still get some rub at full lock with 12.5" wide 35s and I've put a washers in the stops already.
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