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another 'con

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Greetings fellow wheelers...

Here is my Rubi

This was two weeks after purchase at Rocks and Vally's ORV park in MI (vacationing).

After my "upgrades" were installed


here you can see the axle lock and sway bar button (to confirm the pedigree)
Mods include superchips, warn winch, Hella 500 Fogs & Black Magics, 10# Powertank, Rugged Ridge Rock Sliders, EVO Sway Bar Endlinks, Body Armor Rear Bumper and Tire Swing, HiLift,
Future Mods (Staun beadlocks, EVO Magnum 44 sleaves and C gussets, RCV's, Hydro assist steering
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nice lookin rig, glad to see ya found us, put your location on your info
Any recent updates/upgrades?
sorry its been a job

yes recent upgrades include
RCV axels
EVO sleeves
EVO "C" gussets
RockKrawler adjustable arms

thats it thus far
now just need to go wheeling
Very nice Rubi~

Any pics of how the RCVs fit with the knuckles?
gregert12 said:
Very nice Rubi~

Any pics of how the RCVs fit with the knuckles?
I will get some photos of them, but it was pretty straight forward. The orange boots press into the axle tubes, and the axels just slide through to the carrier. So far, one of the best upgrades, the steering feels much less choppy in hard turns.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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