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Angry sparrows?...UPDATE

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So the last couple mornings (0245 am) while sitting still and the engine running, I'd hear a squeak. But it would go away after a2-4 seconds. But this morning, it did it the entire time down my driveway (90 feet). Is this angry sparrows? I researched it and everyone else was moving when it happened and I was sitting still. But it has only happened in the morning (cold) not in the afternoon when I leave work (a tad warmer in the sun). The noise seems to be coming from under the Jeep on the passenger side (SEEMS like).

This is an '05 LJ Rubi with 49k miles and everything is stock.
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Re: Angry sparrows?

No not a U joint. My bet is it is the OPDA, oil pump drive assembly. If it is anything like mine, next it will become more difficult to start in the mornings but be fine the rest of the day.

IF IT IS the OPDA... better get it fixed QUICK!!! and dont drive it till it is fixed.
Re: Angry sparrows?

IF IT IS the OPDA....I can't seem to find anything about that in the service manual. Where/how/how much did it cost to fix?
Re: Angry sparrows?

Try doing a search on here for OPDA... there is 100s (literally) of posts about it. Mine, an 04, cost me about $200ish (OEM) for the parts and then $90 to have it installed. It needs to be synched with a computer, but that is debatable as some have done it without doing it and been ok.

In my 04 manual, the OPDA is in with the cam shaft sensor under the ignition section. I am not sure if an 05 is the same or not as far as what is in the manual.
Re: Angry sparrows?

Ok after reading up on the OPDA, I'm dropping it off to be looked at tonight (I dont like messing with engine internals). I'm officially scared sh*tless but at he same time, I dont think I understand if and how this could be the noise.
Re: Angry sparrows?

Didn't mean to scare you! That wasn't my intention at all. It may not be the issue, I hope it isn't actually. But a U joint is not going to make noise sitting still. Another idea could be a pulley on the belt. But those sounds generally don't go away the rest of the day.

The OPDA is a very common issue, and when left unattended it can cause some serious issues. Basically the run down behind it all and the reason it can/does make noise is bushings. The OPDA does 2 things: 1 tells the ECU what position the cam is in(cam position sensor) & along with a reading from the crank position sensor determins spark and fuel curves. 2. It also drives the oil pump, serves as a link connecting the cam to the oil pump and supplying it with the power/force to pump oil.

The shaft that is in the OPDA rides on bushings. One of these bushings doesn't recieve lube from the engine (upper bushing I think). Think of it as a design flaw. The bushing wears, looses it's tolerances galling the gear on the end of the assembly, and can make noise. They dont always make noise. But they do about 50% of the time, or so it seems. When this goes on for along time it can start affecting the engine sync, be hard to start, and cause oil pump failure.
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Re: Angry sparrows?

very nice explanation. completely understandable, thanks. I mentioned the TSB to the guy over the phone with no reply but I'm sure if they dont hear anything today or tmrw, then they'll say they cant do anything and I'm back to square one.

So if anyone else has any ideas of the issue, please let me know.
Re: Angry sparrows?

Technically there never was a TSB. There was a service announcement, basically a memo. It was called an E05 campaign. If they have not heard of it or seem confused, I would not be surprised. Wouldn't be the first time a ROF member has encountered that. Often they don't want to do anything unless it starts throwing a error code, which I think is BULL S!!!!

If you haven't seen them, here are three more threads:
Re: Angry sparrows?

Just got the call from the dealership, they couldnt get the sound to reoccur but they they thought it was it "with the oil pump" then I asked if it was the gear and they said yeah.

I luckily had the 7/70 still on this Jeep so $100 job. But I did ask to see the gear before the send it off to Chrysler because I want to see how much metal has been ground up. Thanks alot for you help/info sweetpee.

On a side note, when talking about the gear he said he wasn't sure how easy of a job it is, and I said that if the gear was really worn down, it would probably mean the cam might need to be this correct?
GOOD DEAL!!!! :D Glad I could help and I hope all works out! And yes, your are correct. If the gear on the OPDA is royally Screwed up, chances are so is your cam. However I cannot say that it is common that you have to replace the cam due to that much wear. Those cases are generally your really bad ones. BUT!!! Not only should you try to take a peek at the OPDA gear (snap a good set of pics also!)... But stay on their hindend HARD about at least getting them to peek in through the hole during the install to visually inspect the cam gear. It's a PITA, but they should be able to see it.

As far as how long the install will take... Dissasembly and install should be about an hour, least that was/is my experience.
Well I was able to take a look but no pics. There was an obvious contact patch where the metal had begun to wear, but nothing major. So that made me feel better. Thanks again for the help.
LOL! Glad I could help and just pass on a little something I've been through.
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