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and not even a kiss

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Carson (NV) Dodge Chrysler-----Took Rubi in for rear axle seal leaking. Okay $65 for wheel bearing and 30 for the seal. Can't figure out why they had to pull the diff cover off and then charge $19.60 for sealant and 30 for lubricant. Maybe they had to pull the C clip :-x to get the axle out. :bs: Hate taking my rig in for anything but especially so when traveling and without a choice!
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c-clip??? we aint got no stinkin' c-clips... go get your money back!!! man, I hear ya, about the travelin part, just dont have much of a choice, but Brother you got took :dhorse:
yA I know there is no c clip. The explanation was "inspection." :bs:
unless they are doing warranty work they don't need to inspect anything you didn't tell them to lol
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