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Aluminium Dash Bezel, any pictures or comments pro/con?

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My surf blue 2010 Rubi four door is monotone dark grey on the inside. I'd like to consider some brushed aluminium accents. Does anyone have a picture of these to share and how well do they stay on? It's melting hot here in FL so I wonder how well 3M tape will hold up? Thanks for your input!
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Where at in FL? Have any pics of what you're talking about? Not sure the application, but velcro would prob work better here than off-the-shelf tape.
I used the 3M tape to hold a scoop on the hood of my old ZJ (I know, I know, I was young and the scoop matched the tiger stripe paint job). That hood got real hot and the tape had no issue even in the rain, it was a bear to take off two years later.
I put a carbon fiber one on my Cobra when I had it.

Didn't take long for the heat to weaken the adhesive and the corners lifted a little. Yea, it was not cool.
I imagine aluminum would get even hotter.
Thanks for the feed back! Any suggestions on something better than 3M tape? I'm usually wrong(Murphy loves me), but I believe the dash bezel has to be removable to acess the dash scews to remove the dash for maintenace. That leaves us with the delemma of attached, but not too attached incase it has to come off. ideas?
I have seen some that actually replace the stock cover but if you are going to overlay it, how about double sticky tape or a small dab of plumbers putty.
pick up a roll of magnetic tape, stick it to the dash and drop on the overlays.
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