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AiRock Install help please

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Im installing the AiRock system in my TJ, but the install instructions i have dont really seem to match the system i have. I think the instructions are old, the problem im having is with the front upper mount, in the instructions it says to position it with the "F" stamp to the front of the vehicle. Now I have looked and looked, walked away, came back and looked some more, i cant see no "F". My system has the machined alloy hardware, and no matter which way i turn the mount i cannot get the spacer that goes on top of the original spring perch to locate in the hole on top, Which i guess it has too, that is why its made with a step on it.

Anyone have a newer version of the install instructions? Mine are the same as the ones on the ORO site.

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I have not installed the Airock system but maybe this will help.
Thanks, that a great write up, my kit is the same as the one in that story. I tried it with the air fitting facing the front of the jeep, but i will try it again, Im sure the spacer/washer is meant to locate in the hole at the top. Thanks again.
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