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? about tube fenders!

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Hey guys, I've been looking at tube fenders and have a couple of questions. I have the Rokmen sliders and I'm wondering what guys with the Rokmen sliders are running. I love the Rokmen tube fenders, but I can't weld their kit together. I like the look of the TnT fenders with the inner fender as a complete kit, but I think my slider will interfere with the flare on the fender. Even the Tnt flareless fenders have a lip that looks like would interfere with my sliders. I guess my question is, what tube fenders are people running with the Rokmen sliders. As always, thanks for any help.

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You could always trim the rocker back a pinch with a 4.5" grinder and cut off wheel?
inline6 is running rokmen sliders and tnt tube fender with a flare. Here is a link to his build. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=57035 He has seemed to move a lot of his pictures around but if you ask him nice im sure he can get a picture for you lol. Im pretty sure he had to do like sleeps said and trim the rocker but it looks good.
buy the fenders you want and trim to fit..

if you need help, just holler
I might be a little late to the party but I just mounted my TnT fenders and had to modify the stock "slider". I don't know how it differs from the rockmen but I thought I throw a pic in anyway.. I cheesed out on the rear flares, they are xenon's 4 in flat flare. I did not have to cut the slider at all.
[attachment=2:bd6d8mfu]tubes & rockers 001 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:bd6d8mfu]
[attachment=1:bd6d8mfu]tubes & rockers 002 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:bd6d8mfu]
[attachment=0:bd6d8mfu]tubes & rockers 003 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:bd6d8mfu]

Hope this helps..


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Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I'm taking Eric's advice and getting the fenders I want and just trimming the sliders. I'm going with the TnT fenders with 4.5" flare. The best thing about taking Eric's advice is he'll be the first person I call to help. :D I'm going to order them this winter, I just ordered my Rokmen Strykers and that will be my immediate project to get finished before the toy run at Kansas Rocks Dec. 11th. Thanks again for the replies, you guys have always had great advice when I've needed it, which is often, thanks again, hope to meet some new people at the toy run.

I have Warn sliders and TnT custom's tube fenders. I had to trim about an inch or so off of the Warn sliders. No biggie. :)
Here are some pictures of my rokmen sliders with tnt phantom fenders

I had to trim a couple inches off the front edge

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