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37" tire in a TJ

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Hey all,

I know I have seen a thread and heard about people being able to put a 37" spare tire in the bed of a TJ between the wheel wells. I have been searching for a picture or a write up on someone's mounting system but can't seem to find one.

Anyone got any pics of a 37" tire in the bed of their TJ? Any details on your mounting systems or are we mainly just using ratchet straps?

Currently I have a Tuffy drawer and a welder's gang box bolted on top of that in the bed of my Rubi. I was thinking of getting rid of my tire carrier when I go up to 37" tires and mounting it in the bed. In doing that I was thinking of getting rid of my Tuffy drawer, mounting the tire in between the wheel well and building a little rack for my other box. Anything is appreciated!


P.S.- I would post pics of my current set up but I am overseas!
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A 37 will fit between the wheel wells. You need to pick it up and put it there, it will not fit into the door. The door/tailgate is only ~34 inches wide.

I ended up building a shelf to put the tire on top of it. Then stored stuff under the shelf. Then I just used a large piece of all thread and bolts and made my hold down bracket for the tire. If I went any higher with the tire it would of hit the seats and would not recline, heck be in my normal seating position.

Worked well, but ended up going back to a rear tire carrier. In general there were just to many compromises on internal space for me.
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Thanks for the pics. I may have to re-think my options. I was hoping that it maybe slide in and under something. I see what you mean about having to lift it in. Anyone else have any cool setups to stow their 37" spare in the bed of their TJ?
No sliding it in to put under something... but you could put it on top of something. Like build a deck or rack that goes across the wheel wells... then put your stuff under the rack/deck.

I had mine in the bed when running 37s. Used a bolt that went into the middle seatbelt integrated nut to secure it. With 40s, I'll be putting the tire in vertically behind the driver's side with it bolted to the cage. See Freak Named Jake on gallery for an example. That's not my jeep but that will be my setup. A 37 will work this way too.

I'm not a fan of rear tire carriers if you're rock crawling... but they are good for just about any other kind of wheeling. And if you do expo wheeling, better to save all the space you can in the interior.
there was a tilted set-up in the tips & techniques section, may have only been 35" tires. and someone had another one with the tire standing in the box against the tail gate I believe.

to late for me to be searching, have to get my beauty sleep :rotflmao:

I never though of standing it up behind the drivers seat. That is a good idea! It would be pretty simple to bend up a piece of a tubing for that or create a bracket. Thanks for the tip! Most of my wheeling is crawling also.
The setup Kidmugg is talking about with it bolted to the cage behind the seats actually works very well. I've seen a lot of rigs setup this way and if I went that big in tires, it's what I would do as well. It's secured very well, not a worry to ever come loose when setup properly and you still have the rest of your bed area for storage. The weight of the tire is centered mid/low so overall, works very well. If that situation would work for you, I'd seriously consider going that route.

Best of Luck,

I tried to stand it up as well. The seat would not recline to the normal position, with the seat all the way back. Like I needed it.

In an LJ, not an issue. But with the TJ, kinda an issue.
My seats and harness bar don't allow me to recline haha! Hopefully that harness bar won't get in the way if I try to stand a tire up back there. I'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the input all.
I made my own mount in the back of mine and i have a 37 inch tire in there and it sits only about a half inch off the floor, going to install a basket that mounts to the rollcage that will have some quick release mechanism so i can pull the spare if i have to. It's to dark to take any pics, try to get some tommorow.
Here is a link to the one I made for mine. It has a 36" TSL on it now but could easy handle a 37"

I run 37's, but the spare is a 35. Makes things a lot easier.
JerryC said:
I run 37's, but the spare is a 35. Makes things a lot easier.
Somewhat similar to my set up. I'm on 35s and my spare is a 33. Hoping that my ARB tire repair kit (with CO2) will get me off the trail or making sure the 33 ends up on the front and I can limp out in 3WD.
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