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33X13.50r15 way to wide?

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I found a smokim deal on rims and tires toyo open mt and aluminum rims. Set of 5 very low mileage. I have a 2 in BB and am odering body and motormount lifts. Can I run them on pavment fairly safely? Or is it a dumb idea all together?
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What is the wheel back spacing?
Diameter - not a problem. Width, rubbing might occur depending on wheel backspacing. Wheel spacers might be a necessity even with good backspacing.

I ran 33s with a BB and BL for about 3 months
Another point to consider is what are your states laws on how much tire can be outside your flares and how strictly is it enforced.
I see alot of jeeps and trucks with quite a bit of wheel sticking out the side up here in WA. Im also working on getting the back spacing from the owners.
I haven't heard it to be much of a problem in WA.

Now on rigs that looks as though the belong on trails only (such as bobtailed and exo-caged mini trucks and the like), LE's are more likely to start nit picking things, but clean, sanely driven Jeeps - no one I have encountered has ever been nit picked on tire/wheel coverage.

But, that's not to say it can't happen. Every enforcement agency has their own "agenda" and one may turn a blind eye to it, while another may write someone up.

Here's some links:
Had no idea where the OP was from. The above post was exactly the point I was trying to make. Some places here in CA. they can be very nitpicky and will use any excuse to stop you, ticket you and get your money no matter how clean or sanely driven your rig is. Hell, I got stopped once because the cop thought that the 3" dia. tube rock bars on my CJ5 were the exhaust pipes!
I have run those tires on M/T 10'' rims for 2 years and love them. They roll smoother and balance better than the 305x16 MTR's that I had previously. I have over 10,000 miles on them and they are wearing better than the MTR's also. I have Warn 7" Trail Flares so no problems with the tires sticking out too far.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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