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33 Engineering Skid

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I've read through a bunch of threads and I'm confused. I just bought a 33 Engineering skid from a friend who installed a RELA on his TJ. I have a 06 LJ Rubi with a 6 spd and the stock suspension. I know I need a 1" BL. Is that it? Do I also need a MML? How about a different driveshaft? Adjustable upper control arms? I've seen threads that talk about the 33 Engineering high lift transmission bracket. Do I need that as well? Do I have to relocate my locker pumps? How about my fan shroud? Shift linkage? Thanks for any help.
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If you do a body lift and motor mount lift you will not have to move the fan shroud. You will also have to relocate the locker pumps as they currently mount to the stock skid. Shift linkage, you will just have to adjust. Drive shaft and control arms depends on your current suspension. If its stock, you should be ok with what you got. As far as any tech support or parts from 33 eng., good luck they are gone.
If you only have a TT, you need a bodylift (such as JKS 1.25) and you will need either 1-an engine lift (I like the MORE 1"bombproof mount) or 2-lower the fan shroud and play with the 4low shifter linkage. If you get both (tt and mml), you will not need a new drive shaft if stock but depending on your LJs height, you may need a d/s.
I have the 33 eng TT and installed their transmission mount as well as that is supposed to give the most clearance. I had the exact same setup as you do when I did it. The skid has mounting locations for the locker pumps. I also did the body lift and mml as the body lift was needed to get the maximum clearance. I believe you can install without the body lift and the transmission mount, however, it would need to be mounted lower with spacers. I also had a tom woods CV style driveshaft installed at the same time. It seemed like the driveshaft wasn't needed though. I was planning ahead for a 2-3" lift.
Do I also need a MML? For simplicity's sake, yes, I would do a 1" motor mount lift and a 1" body lift.
It will keep your drivetrain in line with the body, help with rear drive shaft/pinion angles, and let you leave the fan shroud alone.

How about a different driveshaft? With no suspension lift, no, your stock drive shaft will be fine.

Adjustable upper control arms? Again, with no suspension lift, no, you should not need to worry about
upper arms to adjust your pinion angles.

I've seen threads that talk about the 33 Engineering high lift transmission bracket. Do I need that as well?
With the 6 speed, I'm not sure. I think you do with the auto. It actually lowers the transmission and transfer case
down into the skid more so you have more clearance above. I don't know if you can get the 33 Engineering one anymore.
If not, I think the Nth/AEV one is the same and will work for you.

Do I have to relocate my locker pumps? You might be able to keep them under the skid but you might have to
fashion a bracket or some way of mounting them if the mounts weren't included. (zip ties? :cheesy: )

How about my fan shroud? No modification needed if using a motor mount lift with the body lift.

Shift linkage? I don't think so, especially if doing a motor mount lift and/or the low profile transmission mount,
but others might know more.

Thanks for any help. Any time! :wink:
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To all who responded....Thanks! Sounds like a BL & MML in my future.
It's been a month since my original post. I've gathered the parts and the BL & MML go on this weekend. Thanks again for answering my questions.
As far as the pumps are concerned, flip em over and bolt them through the floor....use some rubber washers between the pump bracket and the body. Golden.

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i have lo-pro mount with mine, and a 1" drop for it (no BL), my fan just touches the bottom of the shroud. It makes a tick every now and then until things heat up. I've verified it's the fan/shroud and not the engine.

I don't have a ML either, so your angles should be similar to mine, just 1" higher. Check your shroud/fan clearance when you're done. Mine isn't enough to hurt anything, you may not even have an issue.
Stupid me! I Suppose I should have checked the frame hole pattern on my LJ and the 33's skid crossmember before I installed the BL, MML and dropped the shovel. Bugger, it doesn't fit. :oops:
Is this a matter of the holes are in the wrong place, or are there other problems with the fit?
When I bought mine, I don't recall there being different versions for the LJ vs the TJ. I'm thinking of swapping mine out for the UCF skid soon if you're interested. I have the aluminum version on an LJ with their lo-pro mount.
i think the there was a difference between <02/03<, but not TJ/LJ. strange.
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