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2010 Rubicon Tire?

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I found a set of 5 10' Rubicon tires for a very decent price and I am just wondering if anyone knows of a good looking 17in rim for about 50 bucks or so. Also what backspacing should I be looking at? Do you think it is worth it to save about 650 compared to the 33' GoodYear AT's that look like an MT?
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I don't think there are any 17" wheels to be had for $50, def not good looking ones. I assume they're going on a TJ so you can't just use JK wheels, without an adapter.
The JK moabs have between .5" and 1" more of back spacing depending on which site you look at most generally agree its 3/4". This brings the wheels in closer to the control arms etc, but since you'll need wheel spacers anyway.. I say go for it, grab some spider trax and enjoy.
The backspacing on JK rubi moabs is 6.25, not sure about the offset. You may want a 2 inch adapter to run them on a TJ, but 1.5 would probably work too since the tires are kinda skinny.
I have JK moabs and street tires on my LJ now. I have 1.5" spidertrax adapters and I still get a tiny little bit of rubbing on the LCA's when I turn lock to the right. I am still on a stock TB with my BB so I am sure my axle is ever so slightly shifted to one side so that would explain why it only rubs turning to the right. washers behind the steering stop will help that if I get annoyed enough to worry about it
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