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04 TJ No reverse

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Hey gang!

So here's my dilema. 04 TJ 42rle Automatic 4.0l.

I have no reverse...kinda. Let me explain. Around Sept. I had a problem with my reverse
where it felt like I was riding the clutch is the best way to explain it. It started first with a
shuddering originally then moved onto the "riding" feeling.

If i shift into Reverse now...nothing happens, BUT, If I start to push it or on a slight to no incline
it will somewhat go into reverse. A noticable dfference then being in Nuetral. Any kinda of acceleration ill have no effect whatsoever. Sometimes I can here te solenoid and other timed I dont. I had gotten a p0736 code only once. Erased it a few months ago and it has yet to come back.

Ive had it happen to me a long time ago where I would shift into Reverse...nothing would happen...shift out of it and back in and i would be alright.

Fluid is not burnt, no leaks, levels good.

Could it be te solnoid pack on the valve body?
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Reverse in that trans is very weak. Only 1 clutch pack in it is for reverse
do you think it could be a clutch pack?
Sounds like the trans needs to be opened up. Have you looked at the fluid (burnt?)?
ericsrhd, Where are you located?
orange county, ny. The fluid isnt burnt. all forward gears are fine...just have like 10% reverse is the best way I can explain it. To back up, I put it reverse and use my foot to roll back. Was thinking of swapping out the solenoid pack but its 200 down the hole if im wrong...thats besides new filuid and filter
Don't waste the money they only control forward gears.

The last one I rebuilt the reverse clutch was trashed and the fluid was clean.

I'm betting it's the reverse clutch pack
how hard arethey to rebuild. Ive built engines and am petty good arun a wrench but never rebuilt a tranny except in trade school

If you are interested, we have a very active member here that owns his own shop (DoctorD), and can fix anything. I went to him for the ARB locker install and occasional wheeing trips.

Fleet Guardian, LLC

8W Chimney Rock Road
Bound Brook, NJ 08805

732-560-9401 Eastern Standard Time

Tell DoctorD (Damon) that I sent you. :)
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