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04 Rubicon Brakes

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Does the rubicon typically have fairly stiff brakes to work? I am comparing the pressure needed to engage the brakes on the rubicon to a 2010 Dodge Ram, and it felt like the rubicon had a hard brake pedal (not much slop, not spongy, just stiff). Is this normal, or should I wonder about the brake condition?
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I have drive both and you are comparing apples to oranges. The Ram has anti-lock brakes while the jeep does not. That said, your explanation is correct on how the brake pedal feels.
Note that the stock brakes are good for up to 33" tires. For 35's, you really should use upgraded pads and rotors. For anything larger than 35's, the Vanco cailper upgrade is the only way to go.

The matter is not cut and dry. Some guys with extremely strong legs claim they can lock up 37's with the stock brakes. The problem is that it requires such extreme pedal pressure that modulating the brakes to avoid wheel lockup is very difficult.

I agree that the stiff pedal is normal.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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