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Yeti Cycles
SB5c and SB4.5c
Shimano XT
I first got into mountain biking back in 1998 and have never looked back. I started on an old Wal-Mart hard tail then graduated to a Trek. I raced that Trek for several years until it finally kicked the bucket and I built a custom Diamondback hardtail. I raced that Diamondback the remainder of my time in college. After I graduated and got a real job I wanted to build up what would be my first full suspension bike. In 2010 i decided that my first full suspension would also be a dream mountain bike. So I spent several months researching brands and landed on Yeti Cycles. My first Yeti was an ASR-5c Since then, I have never looked at another brand. I just love the way they ride and the company. Yeti remains true to their roots by remaining a small private business that is centered around racing and just pure enjoyment on a bike. Every year they hold a gathering in Colorado for Yeti owners call Tribe Gathering. Yeti Cycles is the only bike company I've known that hosts a gathers for riders of like mind and who own the same brand bikes to come together and just ride bikes, drink beer, and partake in great shenanigans. It's always a blast and I even met a guy at one of them who happened to live in the same city as me. Since then we've became good buddies and ride when we can. Shows how small the world is.
2016 Yeti Cycles SB5c and SB4.5c (Turquoise)


Human power!
SRAM XO1 Crank
SRAM 10 speed cassette
Shimano XT rear deraillur and shifter
Shimano XT M8000 Brakes
Front: 2017 Fox 34 150mm
Rear: Fox Evol
Wheel and Tire
Wheels: Ibis 738 (27.5in 35mmID)
F Tire: Maxxis DHF 2.5
R Tire: Maxxis Aggressor 2.35



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