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  Topic Review (Newest First)
06-22-2019 11:06 PM
VR549 I tend to get that tunnel vision when things start to go south! Especially if I'm working on something. LMAO
06-21-2019 11:57 PM
wolfstar Hey John thanks for the reply. Yeah we have 2 German Shepherds here and an Australian red heeler male. Now there is a stick of dynamite energy wise. The police K9s will do general work on a 6 footer and sometimes run a track on a 10 meter lead. It is imperative to keep them under control for everyones safety including the dog. The SAR K9s are not apprehension trained so mostly we worry about the dog getting into a situation where he can get hurt. Voice command is good but goes only so far. Sometimes you gotta have the physical lead control or a backup remote collar so everyones happy at the end of the day.
06-21-2019 11:30 PM
wolfstar Hi VR. Yeah he loves rides in the jeep for sure. At 1 1/2 years old he has a ton of energy. I was thinking the same thing about retorqueing everything. Plus before this four wheeling the steering wheel seemed straight and now its off too the left. Not surprised. Gonna check that out.
06-21-2019 09:35 AM
johncanfield Our lab is pretty good following commands but not when the chase is on - yesterday morning when I put them out for the morning constitutional they (plus our female heeler ) spotted a cottontail and off they go. They gave up after a couple of hundred feet. I've noticed law enforcement (and maybe SAR) K9 dogs are on a long lead when they are working. They get tunnel vision and tune everything out (like some people!) Our acreage is completely fenced so they have fixed boundaries.
06-21-2019 09:24 AM
VR549 Wow, that sounds like fun! An impromptu off-road adventure. Now is a good time to break out the torque wrench and check torque on everything. Kind of hard to be mad at the pooch he got your adrenaline flowing and reaffirmed your decision to finally upgrade the old tired suspension. I think he just wanted to go for a real Jeep ride!
06-17-2019 07:43 PM
wolfstar Road Test Update on the Rough Country Rubi 2 1/2 setup.

Was going to start a new thread but figured maybe it would go better right after the original post. Had an unplanned 4 wheeling road test of the lift today. Put it down pretty hard. I dont really beat on my trucks but this was an exception. A little explanation: We live on about 7500 acres. A lot of forest and fire roads and stuff. Was out back of the house in the field with a really expensive Czech/German search dog. He was off lead running around playing. Out of the woodline pops an big Eastern Coyote, probably 75-80 lbs male. He and the K9 see each other, he runs, the 91 lb K9 runs, and they are off to the races. Tried commanding him to out but he either didnt hear me of wasnt gonna stop. And they were moving fast. He was wearing his radio tracking collar. Pulled him up on the iPhone app and was watching where he was going on the topo map. They were headed toward an old fire road about 3/4 of a mile away. Got the Rubi out of the garage and headed out on streets to get around to where I could pick up that fire road.

Got there, threw it in 4WD and headed up the road. I hadnt been on this road in years. It crossed some water and deep mud with deep skidder/excavator tracks. I didnt high center in some areas where I thought I would. I was hammer down trying to move and came to where the road crosses a swamp on a filled area where a stream and culvert goes under. With all the constant rain we have had for like 3 months it had flooded over and washed out the road. Didnt see it in time cuz was hidden by tall grass. the jeep crashed right down hard into the washout. The suspension bottomed out on the stops but it seemed controlled. I was glad it didnt hit hard like the stock suspension used to. trying to decide how bad that would have been with the stock setup. Up the other side. Kept on moving and hit a good whoopdie didnt care didnt slow. Got some air which is not like me but it landed fine. One real bounce.. i think the shocks were amazing. Watch their blown now. Haha. Havent looked at them yet. Had to drive over a fallen about 10" tree blocking the road and then deal with rocks. Large rocks. I hate rocks. Picked through them and arrived at the destination where a deer run crosses the road. The tracker had them right on top of me. Jumped out and waited. I could see I was just ahead of them..Sure enough they came into view through the forest about maybe 150 feet away. I called the dog and threw out some commands. He looked over and was like Hi Dad, what are you doing here? Broke off and came over and hopped in the jeep. We drove away after figuring out how to make an u turn with about 5 pullups to get pointed the right way while being watched by the wild one from a distance in the trees.

The Rubi did great. Sort of about an hour test drive. Nothing caved in.. No mirrors smashed. lol..Some close calls with trees but just needs a good bath. I think the Suspension lift components made a great improvement off road as expected. It got to see mud, water, road washouts, picking through rocks, climbing some hills on a washed out fire road, a little jump and some air, driving over dead falls; all the stuff you would expect to see when jeepin in a forest situation. It probably would have done it as a stock Rubi, but was definitely was better with the mods. And faster when it needed to be.
06-17-2019 06:58 PM
wolfstar Thanks VR. Appreciate the comment. Yeah It was only three years old when I got it. Been trying to keep after it.
06-17-2019 01:46 PM
VR549 Nice looking Rubi! Don't fret we can't all dump thousands into our Jeeps. The bottom line is that you are happy.
06-15-2019 05:05 PM
wolfstar Hi guys. Here are the after pics. 2 1/2" Lift 04 Rubi. This pics are right side up on my laptop. Have no idea why they posted 90 degrees off. Dont dare to fool with it and blow it up. LOL
06-15-2019 04:52 PM
Rough Country 2 1/2" TJ Rubi Lift

Have an 04 Rubi. Mostly stock. Have had it as the second owner since 60K miles. Now have 110K on it. Its been a great rig. Use it for daily driver, some traveling and camping, beach sand running, NE mountain trails and lots of snow, and a lot of trailer towing a 1000 to 1500 lbs expedition type trailer. So it sees a lot. Over time I have added a ton to it, had fun modding and stuff. Some day maybe I will get a JK Rubi but for now I love this thing. Lately I was tired of looking at the stock springs. Pretty dead and the usual gangsta lean. Shocks on their last legs. Springs and shocks all Original OEM. The stock control arms were all still tight. Running 32" BFG All Terrain KO2s just clearing.

That being said I decided it was time for springs and shocks at a minimum and would check out moderate lifts. Didnt want to go 4 inches or more since I dont really rock crawl it and highway stability and ride was a factor. Plus was not interested in Transmission/Engine lowering mods, or new drive shafts at this time. Looked around for some stock takeoff Rubi springs and shocks and thought about them. Had two guys on here that offered some to me. Thank you to both again. Shipping was a killer both USPS and UPS. Then i was told to go with Airlift Air springs. Have had them before on several vehicles and they are good for what they are but were not really what I wanted and didnt really amount to a lift. Just a band aid on sagging coils. Couldnt afford new control arms at this time. SO I settled on 2 1/2 to 3 inch lifts and read and looked around.

Checked out a lot of products out there and suppliers. Looked at all the big names which were good but went out of my budget. Saw a lot of springs and shocks used people were selling because they didnt like them Read all the reviews on progressive vs non progressive springs. Finally settled on the Rough Country Spring and N3 gas shock package for their 2 1/2" lift kit. It was reasonably priced, the springs were really well made. They had good reviews from customers. The massive N3 gas shocks had the extra travel. They werent Bilstein or other name brand like the 5100 but are 10 valve, gas charged, large heavy duty shocks with a 3 year warrantee. I hope I dont need that. The kit is designed to work with the Rubi stock control arms so the total cost is on budget. The springs were all progressive rate. I gave it a shot.

Took me a 3 days work to install everything including a bunch of other stuff like rust control I had to do. Had to use a spring compressor, rented from AutoZone to get the new springs in. The front axle align re. the track bar did not move much. It was fine. The rear track bar needed either a new adjustable track bar or having the axle track bar relocated about 2 1/2" higher. Was going to spring for the new adjustable bar but the OEM one was still tight at both ends, so I got the mount relocate bracket from Rough County. Also reasonable price on Amazon plus it was really well made, boxed design 3/16 to 1/4 steel. It was set up to mount with 2 bolts but I modded it so it had 3 bolts coming from 3 different directions. I also did not use the 5/16 hardware they sent. Instead I drilled out the holes and went with grade 8 3/8" bolts for 2 of the bolts and 7/16" for the stock location. It came out really rugged.

In the end when it first hit the road it measured all around front and rear about 3" over stock. After a month of driving it on and off road, it has settled maybe 1/2". SO it ended up being 2 1/2 to 2 3/4" lift. Front and rear drive shaft angles are fine. No vibration from the stock Rubi driveshaft and SYE.. Ride is excellent. I really like the progressive springs. The ride is better than stock. There is no question about the springs being a higher capacity so that does affect the ride when you hit a large hole or rock. Its not real soft like stock was with dead springs as expected. The shocks are excellent. You get really good control. Side to side on road control is good with less sway than stock. Same swaybars with aftermarket control links being used. I was glad to see there is zero gansta lean haha .

Front to back is still level with no rake. I was concerned I would be getting blasted by peoples high beams, if it was not level as before especially with increased height. I have pretty high powered LED headlights that were adjusted correct before so I didnt blind oncoming people, and I have not had to adjust them at all. I have not lowered the skid plate/engine/transmission mount or had to fool with the t-case shift linkage. Have great belly clearance which I wanted to preserve. If I had vibration from the rear Ujoint which is common I was prepared to get a new rear shaft with CV joint. I will do that some time if I have to deal with the rear shaft but right now I dont have to. On front end alignment. Front and rear axles are centered and track correctly. The front axle lost a little caster and I was concerned with that. However it is still on the limit of stock settings, and has no issues with positive steering return to center even after a small turn. And there it no dreaded death wobble or instability at all speeds up to 70. I dont go over that in this thing lol. That is also with the feeble OEM steering stabilizer in there. Another future mod, when I have to do the tie rod/drag link. Also the steering geometry is OK lock to lock with the stock pitman arm. No bump steer issues noted.

So I am really happy with how it turned out. It made a lot of improvements to an already decent Rubi, without any real drawbacks. It was cost effective considering some of us have to deal with money limits and have to choose between having a big name lift or no lift, or maybe something a little lower cost that performs decently. Rough Country products can be a solution thats works fine in some situations. Other suppliers may be better I would agree. I did take some pics of the Rubi with the Rough Country 2 1/2 inch lift which I am going to try to post. I am sure you all know what stock looks like so I am not going to post that. Other guys reviews have always been helpful to me in the past, so I wanted to take the time to post this review and hope if some others are looking at different things maybe this helps out. Later Glenn 04 Rubicon

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