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I rode yesterday. I had to wear a long sleeve jersey. It was only in the 60s but the wind and moisture in the air made it feel cooler.

I think the steroids in the shoulders is already working. I still had pain as usual but it did not seem as intense. I ride again Sunday (long ride day) so I will know if it is helping.
I still have not made a decision on the reverse cup shoulder surgery. I have been reading up on the pro's and con's. The surgery sounds feasible, but there is no long term information on the replacement yet. They say life expectancy for the hardware is 15 years. This would put me at 77 needing a replacement. I also don't want to be off my bike and loose fitness. I am also wondering if I should do some light weight training to strengthen the shoulder muscles if I decide to do the surgery.

I don't know if strengthening the muscles would even help.


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