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Getting back to your question about the belly skid. The issue here is that the wheelbase on the JKU is so long, it has a more difficult time clearing rocks and other obstacles than a shorter wheelbase jeep on the same sized tires. Consequently the under carriage will pay the price with extra abuse.

Based on the plan you wrote for how you plan to use the jeep, you shouldn't need to put skid plates on immediately. Until you do armor up the bottom you'll need to pay attention to the lack of protection and drive over obstacles with extra caution. Still, for long-term piece of mind I recommend investing in armor. Even if you only planned to drive logging roads there will be rocks, logs, etc. that will try to bite the bottom of your jeep.

As far as specific suggestions, I leave that to others on the forum. As with many jeep products, you can buy piece-by-piece or all at once. Designs run the spectrum from Gucci (aluminum) to more simplistic with matching prices. If the aftermarket changes as it did when jeep went from the TJ to the JK, in the next few years, JK parts will become more and more difficult to find as the manufacturers concentrate on the JL/JT market. With that in mind, I'd recommend trying to buy sooner, rather than later.

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