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I did not get far with the brakes this morning. I bled these brakes to death this past winter. I insure I did not overfill the reservoir. This morning I went out starting to remove the M/C and I noticed it was overfilled, within approx. 3/8ths of an inch from the top of the cap. I do not know why it had that much fluid, especially when it was at the correct level this winter when I bled. Anyway, I took out around 5-6 cc of fluid.
There is not suppose to be any thermal expansion of the fluid, or very little.
So I stopped, and I will drive and see if this does anything, if the very intermittent issue returns.
Like I said before this issue shows it self more in the heat of summer and it's been getting hot here, especially the time of day I drive.

It may also explain why I can drive somewhere and it's fine, come out start driving and the front brake or brakes are dragging.

One thing I did see is where the proportioning valve is mounted. I never noticed it till today. LOL
Oh Well, It may be another week or two before I drive again.

I suppose I'll go bike riding now! Burn off all this energy an old retired disabled NASCAR mechanic in a wheel chair missing fingers and one leg, blind in one eye, cataracts in the other, having a lack of enthusiasm to work on anything anymore.

Oh, I'm not a NASCAR mechanic, but the rest or certain parts fit. LOL


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