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Dragging brake is back.

So I thought I had this fixed after bleeding all the fluid out of the brakes.
They have worked fine for a few months and then yesterday the first reasonably hot day of the year I drive to TSC with no problems, I park. I go int the store to get feed, come back out get in start to drive and a brake is dragging.
I am glad I did not put the new rotors on!
I am going to rebuild the calipers which I am pretty sure are not the problem.
I have a new master cylinder I bought awhile back. I am going to bench bleed and replace.
For such a basic brake system it is a PITA!
I mean all there is, is a master cylinder, proportioning valve, lines and calipers.
Front flex lines have been replaced as well as all four calipers/pads. The calipers were lubed up, been bled to death. The only thing left is the master cyl and proportioning valve, and I have never seen a bad proportioning valve and since it has no moving parts it is highly unlikely to cause this issue.
If it were not for these brakes I could probably like my Jeep. LOL


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